My research deals with social networks, social psychology and human-computer interaction. Now  I work on my doctoral dissertation: Concealed Networks - Explicit and Implicit Networks in Q&A Online Sites”. I intend to finish it by Sep. 2012. I am writing several papers concerning Social Network Analysis which will soon be submitted to refereed journals.

 In 2009 as a part of my Ph.D. studies I worked as an intern in Yahoo! Labs in Haifa Israel. This position gave me an opportunity to get a close look at the Yahoo! Answers’ data and helped me to better understand the challenges of handling a large data project. The Yahoo! Answers data is the basis of my  research, it reflects 19 months of activity with more than 20M interactions i.e. questions and answers per month.  The information seeking activities, as well as, the social interactions provide an enormous potential for a young researcher such as me to explore human behavior and to develop sociological insights.

 The combination of human behavior and the rapidly changing technologies, is a fascinating field of research. I find these issues challenging with new technical and social questions arising almost every week. The huge amount of available data and the various possibilities to exploit it is another area of interest for me. The combination of these two research fields reflect where my current research interest lie.


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